Demand Response Transport is on the rise and here’s why.

Demand Response Transport is on the rise and here’s why.

Demand-responsive transport is one of the fastest growing fields, with the potential to revolutionize mobility for all and Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority now offers it.

What is Demand-Responsive Transport?

A “Demand Response System” is one where passenger trips are generated by calls from passengers or their agents to the transit operator, who then dispatches a vehicle to pick the passengers up and transport them to their destinations.

Why is Demand-Responsive Transport needed?

Let’s face it, we are an aging population. Our elderly members face mobility challenges as they increasingly choose to ‘age-at-home’ rather than move to long-term, managed care facilities. Therefore, access to convenient transportation is critical, particularly in rural communities where vehicle ownership is expensive and traditional modes of Public Transportation are not available.  It is vital that we link community members in our rural areas to medical appointments, retail, points of interest, and general day-to-day essential services just as we do those in our urban communities.

PDRTA is proud to provide Demand Response Transport Service for our passengers.  Current service areas include: MARTi [Marlboro County], Marion County, DCAT [Dillon County]. Response appointments must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance and feature a door-to-door service.

ADA Complimentary Paratransit

Our Paratransit Services are designed for persons who are unable to access our fixed routes independently and safely due to physical or mental disabilities.

Deviated Fixed Route Paratransit

In areas that do not offer a demand response option, our deviated fixed routes deviate for passengers that live within 3/4 mile of a fixed route and qualify for ADA Complimentary Paratransit.

If you are interested in more information, please visit or give us a call at 843.665.2227 ext. 2.