Paratransit Applications


If you have mobility difficulties that limit you from using the fixed-route accessible buses, you may be eligible to participate in PDRTA’s Paratransit Program. Please complete all the information below so that the we may assist you with your transportation needs.


I agree that I will pay the exact fare, if required, for each trip. I agree to notify PDRTA’s Paratransit office of any changes in my status that may affect my eligibility to use the service. I also understand that failure to adhere to the policies and procedures will be grounds for revoking my application and the right to participate in the program. I understand and agree to hold Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority harmless against all claims or liability for damages to any person, property, or personal injury occurring as a result of my failure to equip or maintain the safety measures of the adaptive equipment or certified guide/service animal that I require for mobility. I have read and fully understand the conditions for service outlined above and agree to abide by them.