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PDRTA’s Travel Training Program provides one-on-one instruction for any individual who would like to learn more about riding our buses. Training is available for groups such as classrooms, seniors groups, or youth groups. 
For more information contact Tavorous Collins at 843-519-0894 or .gro.atrdp%40snilloct


"Dear Mr.Collins,Thank you for taking the time to drive the PDRTA bus and showing us the locations of some of the stops. We learned about the app, how often the bus stops on the routes and what costs to ride PDRTA. We did feel very safe and now know this is an economical way to travel around Florence. We appreciate each of us receiving a brochure with the routes and the map."Thank you!
Project SEARCH Interns at McLeod

"Dear Mr. Collins,Thank you for providing the opportunity for the interns to learn about PDRTA. Many of them will need assistance with transportation as they transition from school to work. What you offer is a very valuable service."Thank you!
Nancy Brown, M. Ed.Project SEARCH InstructorFlorence 1 Schools

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  • What Is Travel Training?

    Travel training is a self-paced process where an individual or group, regardless of ability or age, can learn to use all of the many services that PDRTA has to offer.

  • Who Is Eligible For Travel Training?

    Any individual who is 14 years of age or older. Under 18 years old requires the consent of parent or caseworker. Travel Training for groups is open to all ages.

  • What Is The Travel Training Process?

    A Travel Trainer can meet with you aboard a PDRTA vehicle, or schedule a visit to your facility or classroom to talk to you about the PDRTA services that will be fit your needs. You will learn how to plan your trips, read bus schedules, use online real-time tools such as the PDRTA Sync app and who need assistance to learn the public transportation system can receive one or both of the following types of travel training:
    1. Destination-based Travel Training: This type of training teaches the individual to go to and from a specific destination, usually on a daily basis.
    2. General Travel Training. This type of training provides the individual with more complex instructions. The individual is taught to use the bus for general travel, selecting destinations of his/her choice.

  • Who Benefits From The Travel Training Program?

    1. Seniors, people with disabilities, and youth experience an increased sense of confidence and self-reliance as a result of learning to travel independently.
    2. For an individual preparing to finish school and enter job training, travel training is a helpful complement to any special education or transition curriculum. Success in this area often transfers to other endeavors in the person’s life.
    3. Parents and care providers can benefit, too. Providing a child or aging parent with the knowledge to use PDRTA reduces the burden, time, and expense of chauffeuring.
    4. The community benefits as well. With a newfound ability to travel throughout the Pee Dee, individuals will be able to find employment, shop more often, and participate in recreational activities to contribute to enhancing their quality of life.Public transportation puts an end to isolation. In order to participate in our society, you must be able to get out and about. PDRTA offers the mobility to choose where you want to go.

  • Who Are The Instructors?

    Our Travel Training instructors are here to instruct everyone, including seniors, persons with disabilities, and persons with limited English. Instructors assist trainees by answering questions and building confidence so they can use the least restrictive mode of the public transportation system to the fullest extent possible.

  • What Does The Travel Training Program Include?

    1. Route Training2. Trip Planning3. Street Crossing4. Appropriate Social Behavior
    The training program is self-paced. The trainer works with the participant to develop a training schedule that meets the individual’s needs.

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